Crafting Transformational Change

Our passion for our craft allows us to shift speed and focus as client needs dictate. Leveraging our expertise as builders, we drive business transformation and position our clients for a sustainable future. By focusing on experiences over features, technology falls seamlessly into the background.

We create transformational change that’s meaningful to our clients’ individual business models. But we aren’t just consultants. We’re straightforward and skillful builders, strategists and designers.

Our Mission

Our tailored approach to digital & salesforce consulting allows us to solve problems unlike anyone else by pairing the business intelligence of our clients with our nimble and thoughtful technical strategists, experience designers and developers. The outcome? Real results created through a partnership built on pragmatism, communication, speed, and flexibility.

Core Values

We help our customers plan and execute both the technology projects and business changes needed to realize their digital transformation objectives Tech + Business + Project Acumen.

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Have fun and do great work

Be thought leaders and share ideas openly

Collaborate with our customers and partners

Be strategic partners

Meet the Crew

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds. From the upper levels of corporate IT and systems integration to dog-treat manufacturers and to self-taught programmers who started by writing excel macros. What unites us as Agency73 is our passion for client success and our drive to challenge excellence.

Scott Holmen

Founder & CEO

Stryder Thompkins

Co-Founder & CTO

Darren Wissler

Web Development Manager

Emily Adamiec

Managing Consultant

Greg Palios

Salesforce Developer

Tory Traver

Sales Executive

Jentzen Flaskerud

Salesforce Certified Administrator

Ashley Sodaro

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Consultant

Conner Fitzpatrick

Managing Consultant + Practice Lead

Megan Gallagher

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Lindsay Alvey

Revenue Cloud Practice Director

Ali Mahmood

Certified Salesforce Consultant

Andres Campo

Senior Consultant

Jocelyn Colin

Salesforce Alliance Manager

Bryce Cason

Salesforce Consultant

Alan Van Vlack

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Chris Summers

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Trevor Nelson

Salesforce Consultant

Dayna Goldstein

Lead Project Manager

Meg Baird

Sales Executive

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