Admin on Demand

What is Admin on Demand?

Admin on demand is a quick and easy way to have a Salesforce certified partner take on immediate Salesforce tasks. We understand optimizing Salesforce can be time consuming, and companies don’t always have the time or in-house resources to keep their Salesforce instance current as their business grows and changes. Admin on Demand is designed to give Salesforce customers their time back, by being their on demand Salesforce team.

Agency73 provides certified consultants to solve basic (or not so basic) Salesforce challenges; whether that be customizations, reports, data migration, workflows, integrations, training or other improvements.

How does it work?

Direct your specific need to our email. Send us a brief on what you need, and your contact information. A certified Salesforce consultant will respond quickly (hours not days) on next steps.

Once you are officially signed on as an Admin on Demand customer you will be assigned a primary consultant with whom you will engage on an ongoing basis (usually a combination of regular scheduled meetings and one-off requests). Our goal is to provide pricing and timeline for any task within 48 hours.

Key Differentiators

AOD is not a yearly based contract, rather a monthly retainer in which clients can decide how many hours to commit to and for how long.  AOD is great for those brand new to Salesforce and just getting their feet wet in the endless Salesforce possibilities as well as for existing Salesforce customers who have let their Salesforce instance lag behind their business. AOD is also perfect for customers who need an internal Salesforce Administrator but are not yet ready or have the budget to make a full time hire.

Contact Information Please include Company Name, Primary point of contact, phone number and email address. Preferred email content: High level information about the task and preferred due date.

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