Advisory Committee

Agency73’s advisory board members are an invaluable resource to our rapidly growing company.

Chief Executive, Private Equity, Multi-Sector, International Experience, Innovator

Chris Ahern

Chris Ahearn was named Chief Executive Officer of Oakwood Worldwide (Oakwood) in February 2017. Having served as Senior Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for the company from 2005-2010, Chris recognized the strength of the Oakwood brand and the opportunity to deliver increased customer value as key determinants in choosing to return to the company. Prior to rejoining Oakwood, Chris served as Senior Advisor for TPG Capital, working on a variety of projects spanning multiple industry sectors to improve the operating performance of companies in the TPG Capital portfolio. An accomplished business leader with more than 25 years’ experience across a broad range of industries, Chris is well versed in the areas of consultancy, sales, marketing and operations. Chris looks to leverage the breadth and depth of Oakwood’s global footprint to expand the organizations brand, and drive operational excellence in order to better meet the ever-changing needs of clients and guests.

Internet Strategist | Digital Marketing Advisor | Investor

Danny DeMichele

I have founded and invested in over 50 online businesses in the last 20 years. I currently serve as Managing Partner of Growth Partner. We create and partner with San Diego-based entrepreneurs in the digital marketing technology and service space, with an emphasis on life sciences.

CEO and Co-Founder at 3|SHARE

Jess Moore

Jess Moore is an aggressive and enthusiastic business leader, investor, and entrepreneur with over eighteen years of business experience in the technology/services industry. Experienced in building start-ups and growing business units within publicly held companies, Moore is a growth-focused leader known for driving rigor into the management of the business. An expert in strategy, mentoring, sales/delivery execution, negotiation, transaction analysis, and cross line of business collaboration; Moore focuses on business fundamentals to rapidly produce sustainable and growing business results. Jess Moore is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of 3|SHARE, a technology, and services firm focused on Adobe's Digital Marketing Cloud. 3|SHARE was acquired by Publicis Groupe in October of 2014.

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