Salesforce Developer

What You’ll Do:
  • Lead the testing and implementation of software development efforts, including coding, configuration, maintenance, installation, testing, and debugging, as well as managing timelines and producing technical documentation
  • Work closely with the business teams and perform reviews of the data, developing complex CRM solutions to ensure that best practices are followed and the best data solutions are provided. This may involve discussing trade-offs with other teams, such as the terms of the configuration versus the code in place, or mapping the functional requirements to Salesforce functionality
  • Maintain user roles, ensuring there are no security breaches that could place risk on the company’s data
  • Create technical plans and strategies for other departments and the IT team, developing solutions to address any company-wide issues and making their processes more efficient
  • Create solutions that work as closely as possible with the wider business goals
  • Conduct workshops for other teams in the company to gain a detailed understanding of the requirements and identify any gaps in the current system
What You Have:
  • Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related discipline
  • Salesforce Developer Certification
  • Analytical skills – Analytical mindset to identify a user’s needs and to design and produce solutions to issues
  • Communication skills – Communicate complex information effectively to people who don’t have computer knowledge and to answer questions as they arise, giving clear instructions
  • Teamwork – Maintain a professional and helpful demeanor toward your colleagues
  • Time management – You will work to business timelines and schedules, often working on multiple projects while ensuring the work produced meets best practices
  • Problem-solving abilities – Identify and troubleshoot issues and faults as they arise
  • Extensive knowledge in programming languages (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS)
  • Deep understanding of development technologies (APEX, Visualforce, migration tools, SOQL, web services)
  • Experience with web development tools (Eclipse IDE, Git, Sublime)

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