Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

What You’ll Do:

  • Developing and deploying new large-scale web applications and API’s safely and reliably
  • Solving challenging and unique problems within e-commerce
  • Scaling our application to handle the thousands of requests per minute we receive on a normal day in addition to handling spikes of traffic during peak usage
  • Develop & optimize databases, caches, and overall system performance
  • Continuous deployment to the cloud using technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Chef/Puppet
  • Languages: Ruby, Elixir, Python & Javascript
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Node.JS
  • Machine Learning: TensorFlow, Amazon SageMaker
  • Data-stores & Search: PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Amazon Aurora, Redis, Solr, Elasticsearch
  • Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS

What You Have:

  • BS/MS in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or the equivalent in demonstrable work experience
  • You have 5+ years of experience of backend engineering work in a dynamic development environment
  • You prefer taking projects from inception to completion and are outcome oriented
  • You have experience working in distributed, performant, at-scale backend systems
  • You have previous experience in designing and scaling microservice architecture
  • You have experience with Machine Learning technologies
  • You are proud of your craft, and enjoy clean code that scales to be both reliable, performant, and maintainable
  • You are proficient in SQL and database design
  • You are proficient in Git and source control in a team environment
  • You have a strong understanding of Object Oriented, Functional Programming patterns and principles
  • You care deeply about designing systems with architecture that scales
  • You have a good understanding of distributed systems, data stores, data modeling, indexing, and associated trade-offs
  • You have a healthy appetite for automation, testing and building robust distributed systems
  • You have experience maintaining CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, Bamboo, Circle CI, Travis CI)
  • You have some experience using distributed asynchronous message queues and stream-processors (eg; RabbitMQ, Kinesis, SQS, Kafka)
  • You are eager to review peer code and have your code reviewed
  • You provide accurate estimates on project complexity and delivery time
  • You are able to set a high standard for yourself and the rest of your team
  • You are passionate and promote a culture of openness, collaboration and mentorship & are passionate about software as a craft and teaching what you know
  • You pay attention to details
  • You have strong communication skills and ability to explain technical stuff plainly
  • You have experience with Agile Development, SCRUM, or Extreme Programming methodologies

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