Leveraging a Salesforce Partner to Drive Success

Leveraging a Salesforce Partner to Drive Success

Selecting and Positioning Salesforce Partners to Maximize ACV and CSAT


Did you know that Salesforce partners play a critical role in driving ACV and CSAT for your customers? Do you know how to select and position partners to add velocity to your deals?


This brief enablement video covers the value of co-selling and guidance on how to think through the selection and positioning of partners.


In the video, we present the case that co-selling with the right partner leads to:

  1. Velocity in the deal cycle
  2. Increased ACV
  3. A delightful customer experience


Are you interested in hearing this enablement discussion live?

We’ve led several sessions with RVPs and their AE teams, and love hearing the positive feedback from the open discussion and Q&A time the live session provides.