The Challenge

Amarok came to Agency73 with the idea of having a custom Business Case record to track how their security solutions have benefited their customers.

While they knew what they wanted to see on the custom object, they needed Agency73 to help with their bandwidth constraints and to build the automations that would be associated with their new custom object.

The Solution

Armed with their requirements, we built out the new Business Case object that featured multiple formulas used to aggregate things like how much money their customer lost before purchasing Amarok’s services, saved after the security solutions were installed, and more. These aggregations/summaries were broken out into different categories and sections.

On top of that, we automated the creation of the record, which includes auto-populating some fields, based on criteria on the related Opportunity.

We also included additional automation to update the date the Business Case is set to a Completed status, allowing them to report on timeliness of request completion.

The final requirement was to have the Business Cases assigned to specific users in a Round Robin fashion. To accomplish this we built a custom flow to check who the last business case was assigned to, assign it to the next person in line, and send out notifications of the assignment via email. This email included details and hyperlinks to the Business Case record.

The Results

By utilizing just one of Agency73’s team members we were able to deliver a solution that not only meets their initial goal, but also automates the prep work that goes behind creating the record, populating the already known fields, determining who it should be assigned to, and notifying them.

This simplifies their workflow allowing Amarok to focus on progress rather than prep. This project is one of many business workflow improvements we have implemented with Amarok, and there are many more on the horizon.