Biotheranostics, Inc., a commercial-stage molecular diagnostics company that develops predictive tests for the treatment of cancer patients, was looking to optimize their pre-accessioning process in Salesforce to support “work from home” during COVID. Agency73 extended their Sales Cloud Platform to provide Users with remote capabilities and improved efficiencies.

  • Paperless and optimized pre- accessioning process
  • Enabled Users to work from home during COVID
  • Greater User adoption and confidence in Salesforce platform
  • Additional ACV in Licenses, Pardot and Experience Cloud
  • Demonstrable ROI

Success Story

The team at Agency73 guided us through a complex revamp of our processes and provided our teams with the ability to efficiently work from home during COVID. With the re-imagination of our Salesforce Org, we were able to increase confidence in the system, and lay the foundation for additional improvements in other areas of the business.”