California Protons

The Challenge

California Protons was looking for a reliable CRM platform to store their client information while following HIPAA compliance guidelines. Maintaining data security and patient confidentiality were of utmost importance to their team.

They needed a 360⁰ patient view that captured the following information all at one place:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Insurance information

  • Links to the patient EMR system record

The Solution

Agency73 evaluated and implemented improvements to the California Protons instance of Salesforce Sales Cloud to better manage patient data and offer greater visibility into lead generation and sales pipeline. We configured their Salesforce Sales Cloud with the following functionalities to meet the requirements:

  • Configure Web-to-lead to capture new leads

  • Customized Account and Opportunity objects to consolidate patient and treatment information

  • Configure profiles and roles and hierarchy, to add the ability to share information within the care team to make it easier to assign and handle referrals, and improve overall care

  • Make the Salesforce platform mobile-ready for Protons sales reps to access and update patient as well as doctors’ information from the road

  • Mass upload data for 1500+ patients to track and analyze patient information

  • Built Reports and Dashboards for sales pipeline analysis