Carpe Data

The Challenge

Carpe Data approached Agency73 with a goal: they outgrew their HubSpot instance, which they used as a CRM and marketing automation platform, and wanted to move to Salesforce to better accommodate their growth plans.

They had a few key objectives:

  • Clean and migrate all historical data from HubSpot to Salesforce and Pardot
  • Migrate or rebuild relevant marketing assets (landing pages, email templates, lists) and sales processes (key workflows) from HubSpot into Salesforce
  • Understand best-in-class sales operations and marketing automations processes, and build those into their new system
  • Build strong lead scoring and routing
  • Create a foundation for marketing ROI reporting with campaign influence

The Solution

HubSpot-to-Salesforce Migration

Carpe Data’s team inherited a marketing automation platform, HubSpot, that they quickly outgrew. With limited process customization and weak data architecture in HubSpot, they saw the potential to start fresh with Salesforce and Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement). Their goal was to bring over as much data and assets as possible, while also rebuilding from scratch new sales and marketing processes.

We leveraged the native Hubspot-Salesforce sync for the migration, rather than the traditional method of exporting data and reimporting it to the new platform using CSV files.

Using the sync greatly simplifies the migration process, since it retains the relationship between records and lets users identify and resolve records that aren’t syncing (often due to data validation issues) directly inside of HubSpot.

Once our Pardot instance was configured – with 26 custom fields mapped to Salesforce, native Google Analytics and LinkedIn integrations added, and email sending and tracker domains established – we worked to rebuild key assets like forms, landing pages, and automations. HubSpot’s code is proprietary, so we built 12 new landing pages and two forms from scratch in Pardot using HTML and CSS code, identically matching HubSpot assets and staying within Carpe Data’s brand guidelines.

Our team also implemented a custom lead scoring and grading model in Pardot – looking at their top accounts, target markets, and existing customer personas – to ensure that new leads that enter Pardot via forms are qualified before being routed to Salesforce.

The migration was straightforward and successful. Since then, we looked toward one of Salesforce’s strongest capabilities: measuring marketing ROI.

Campaign Influence Reporting

To measure marketing ROI, we need to track two (otherwise unrelated) objects: campaigns, which categorize marketing initiatives and assets, and opportunities, which place a dollar amount that can be tied to open or closed deals.

When a Salesforce org is connected to Pardot, it comes out of the box with a feature called campaign influenceCampaign influence connects campaigns with opportunities via contacts who are members of both. This allows us to tied a dollar amount to marketing efforts and measure total marketing-influenced pipeline, track closed won deals sourced by marketing, and gauge which types of marketing initiatives deliver the highest return on investment.

We built a custom Campaign Influence Dashboard for Carpe Data, including the following components:

  • Total number of marketing-influenced opportunities
  • Total value of marketing-influenced pipeline
  • Influenced pipeline by campaign type
  • Campaigns by ROI % (comparing budget vs. revenue generated)
  • Most influential campaigns by closed-won revenue
  • Marketing-influenced closed won opportunities by month
  • Marketing-influenced pipeline by month (i.e. open opportunities)
Sample Campaign Influence Dashboard

Note: This is a sample (demo) dashboard demonstrating the concept of campaign influence. It does not contain any details or information related to Carpe Data.

The Outcome

Since we began the migration from HubSpot to Salesforce in 2022, Agency73 has continued to work with Carpe Data in a managed services capacity.

Through our engagement each month, our team builds new Pardot assets like landing pages and Engagement Studio Programs, creates automations to simplify internal processes, and provides day-to-day Salesforce administrative support. We’ll continue to work together to support Carpe Data’s growth trajectory and draw the most from their investment in Salesforce.

Hear Evelyn Feck’s experience working with Agency73:

Working with Agency73 has been seamless – they help us envision the possibilities in Pardot and deliver on turning our imagination into reality. We look forward to continuing to growth with them as we expand our personalized marketing initiatives and build deeper relationships with our customers.