The Challenge

Metropolis approached us for their Salesforce implementation, but after discovery we identified areas for growth. They approached us with a challenge: as the business scaled, they wanted to streamline their data management in Salesforce and simplify their teams’ work so they could focus on what they do best.

New challenges also came up as they grew, including the need to restrict vendor access to all corners of their Salesforce org, and ensure that their partners and executive teams had data at their fingertips to make informed decisions.

The Solution

Together we arrived at business solutions broken down into three categories:

Lead intake, routing, and reporting

  • Designed and deployed a complex account hierarchy specific to their business needs
  • Formalized and automated their custom onboarding process for new sites
  • Built custom Salesforce reports and dashboards, including Campaign ROI dashboards, for their Operations and Leadership teams
Field service updates

  • Created customized case teams to simplify internal maintenance
  • Configured complex case routing for their sites in Slack (using coded emojis for ease of use)


Salesforce security revisions

  • Set public and private sharing models for partners
  • Provisioning new profiles and objects as an extension of the Salesforce implementation

The Results

Our thorough Salesforce implementation set a solid framework for optimizing Metropolis’ operations. Let’s look at two specific areas: Slack case management and Tableau reporting.

Custom Slack Notifications


When anyone on the field service team received a ticket from one of the sites – an operator was having trouble with a camera, for example – Metropolis needed a way for the field service team to be able to triage responding to that ticket immediately.


We came up with a Slack integration: different types of cases were assigned specific emojis and routed to technically-specific channels. This Slack integration was also connected to Field Service in Salesforce to ensure that any open cases were resolved and closed as quickly as possible.

Salesforce Reporting


Reporting was another area to tackle: real estate partners were looking for a way to see the lead-to-sales funnel for their specific business, which Metropolis categorized as an account in Salesforce. This involved creating hierarchies and custom reports for their partners to access – and we leveraged Tableau to build these dashboards and make them available to these partners.


Salesforce licenses can be a large added cost for any company – to circumvent that large cost, we were able to use Platform licenses for some users to keep costs down for the Metropolis team. This allowed the partners to view their reports without accessing extraneous data in Salesforce.

Hear Zach Matthews’ experience working with Agency73:

Agency73 has been instrumental in helping Metropolis develop the relational infrastructure to manage our complex business and its ecosystem of customers and stakeholders. Partners both in thought and in action, Agency73 continues to be much more than an agency to us – a partner who understands our objectives and constraints while being infinitely creative in how we can best manage these critical parts of business.