The Challenge

At the point of Agency73’s engagement with OncoHost, they approached us to help remedy a previous implementation to more accurately reflect their business goals and processes. As a quickly growing company, they were looking to build a custom order tracking system for their newly developed “PROphet” report.

At first, this would be an internal tool for customer service reps to manually enter orders into. Not long after initial go-live, it became clear an Experience Cloud-based user portal would be crucial for ordering physicians could login, submit their own test requests, track the status of on-going orders, and have access to the resulting test results.

OncoHost approached us due to our work with another life sciences client, Biotheranostics. They were familiar with the solution we’d built for Biotheranostics and wanted a streamlined version for their own purposes, quickly, that they could iterate on over time as they continued to grow.

The OncoHost team was looking for our support in helping analyze their requirements to better align Salesforce’s functionality, scale quickly, and provide technical Salesforce expertise beyond what their in-house team could provide.

User Portal Overview

Why build a customized portal utilizing Salesforce and Experience Cloud?

Portals built in Experience Cloud allow for a highly curated and data limited experience for a set group of users.

In this case, precision diagnostics provider OncoHost wanted to give their doctors access to the order and test result processes and data without the need to fully login to Salesforce. Utilizing Experience Cloud allows for a customized and process-based interface. This portal allows doctors to login and submit requests, providing visibility only into the data they need to see.

All visible data resides in Salesforce, and data updated by users in the portal is routed directly to Salesforce. Customized branding and an intuitive user interface allows for ease of use, limits access to other patient or provider data, and lets users feel they’re in the right place without an overwhelming amount of buttons or navigation options.

This portal has extensive input options and allows doctors to see the status of their sent requests, without being a wide-open database of endless inputs and updates.

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Hear OncoHost Head of Product Ayelet Ran’s experience working with Agency73:

We recommend A73 for SF implementation. First because of their proficiency and proved experience with the system, the market and best practice processes. In addition, they are always available for questions, cooperative and thrive to help with emerging issues along the implementation process stages.



I like the SF architecture which clearly defines the different objects such as lead, order, physician – it allows the users to control the process and to manage their effort and the daily work accordingly, targeting each objects related work by request.

I also like the order status ribbon, the tips, and the highlighted fields at the top of each order screen. It shortens the time the CS invests in each order to understand where it is in the process and what are the next steps to be done.

I felt we are in good hands. A73’s approach, serviceability, and proficiency make the work fun, and the project to succeed.