The Challenge

Prior to working with Agency 73, Revvity had a long list of backlogged cases that ranged in priority and affected over 100 of their global users.

After the departure of their Salesforce admins, company-wide organizational changes, and increased demands from their sales and services team, Revvity approached Agency73 to help manage and optimize their case management system. As we worked through their cases, we discovered new ways of improving their Salesforce experience.

The Solution

Our Agency 73 team had 2-3 members working closely with Revvity’s Director of Excellence to solve some unique cases that were in the backlog. We utilized Service Cloud and email-to-case to build internal Salesforce cases that we managed on a day-to-day basis.

This gave us and the client visibility and reporting capabilities to see which users/departments were requesting help, on which topics and how frequently. Below are examples of some of the cases that we resolved:



1. Salesforce Lightning Migration

  • Adjusted the profile settings for over 20 profiles and assigned various permission sets to specific users
  • Converted hundreds of notes & attachments into files using third-party tools as well as custom apex code to delete email attachment
  • Created a rollout plan with the Director of Excellence to ensure the team was using Salesforce Lightning opposed to Salesforce Classic. We even made it impossible for users to switch back to Salesforce Classic
  • Optimized the user experience by using lightning components


2. Flow to Close Custom Objects and Alert Owner(s)

  • Built a record-triggered flow to close and alert owners on records of two custom objects after an opportunity is closed lost or canceled
  • The flow checks various criteria to close the records of two custom objects whenever the related Opportunity is moved to either a closed lost or canceled stage
  • The flow also sends an email to the owners of those custom object records to inform them of the update


3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • With the Salesforce Spring ‘23 release imminent, we worked with Revvity’s users around the globe to set up their MFA before the effective date
  • We provided relevant documentation to help new users understand the MFA requirements and setup process


4. OwnBackup Integration

  • Because of industry regulations, Revvity is required to have backups of their data for 7 years. We have ensured that their integration with OwnBackup is in working order
  • To maintain GDPR compliance, data that is requested to be deleted in Salesforce must also be deleted in the backups. We also used OwnBackup to archive email messages older than 7 years


5. Custom Trigger: Map Picklist Values to a Multi-Select Field upon Lead Conversion

  • When a lead record was converted to an existing contact, the values in one of the mapped picklist fields from the lead record would overwrite the picklist value in the contact record. This was problematic for the marketing team since they wanted to capture the existing and any new values in this picklist field
  • In order to overcome this, we created a multi-select picklist field and an apex trigger to capture both existing and new values upon lead conversion


The Outcome

With 350+ cases resolved as a result of the solution above, Revvity has renewed their monthly retainer contract with Agency73 over the last 28 months. They also saw significant savings (over $20K each year) by working with us over the cost of a full-time Salesforce admin.

Hear Urszula Caney’s experience working with Agency73:

Working with Agency 73 has been a pleasure. They took the time to really learn what our specific needs were and at every step checked in to ensure we were on track. Professional, easy to work with and effective, not sure what else we could of asked for.