Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Challenge

Being a technology company, it was important for Symbee to have a platform that enabled them to be a sales-focused organization. They had no customer relationship management system in place and were using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel to manage their leads and customers. The Symbee team wanted to implement Salesforce to serve their customer relationship management needs:

  • Lead Management, and Web-to-Lead capability

  • Account management

  • Track events and Account activity

  • Review and maintain opportunity pipeline

  • Monitor sales team performance

  • Better organizational and reporting capabilities

  • Manage customer documents from pre-sales discovery through project completion

The Solution

In order to ensure a successful implementation, Agency73 began the implementation process with a series of discovery calls with Symbee to understand their business processes and learn their Salesforce requirements. They were also looking for our recommendations for setting up new processes for lead management. We used our Salesforce experience and industry knowledge to set-up Symbee’s Salesforce Sales Cloud with the following customizations:

  • Configure user profiles and role hierarchy
  • Web-to-Lead automation
  • Setting up lead assignment rules and email alerts
  • In-depth discussion on their sales process to customize
  • Opportunity Sales Stages and Sales Path Guidance
  • Data import: we assisted them in importing Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities from legacy tools like Microsoft Excel into Salesforce
  • Duplicate data management: we helped the team come up with rules to set-up gates in check for duplicate data entry into the system
  • Creating reports and dashboards for the reviewing sales pipeline and activity monitoring
  • Setting up of Salesforce Inbox to integrate user’s email inboxes

Salesforce Service Cloud

The Challenge

Symbee was looking to implement Salesforce Service Cloud as their primary customer service platform. They also needed a trouble ticketing system where they could create, manage, track, and report on their customer inquiries across 4 distinct support channels. They wanted to add custom metrics to monitor call resolution times. It was important for Symbee to work with a Salesforce partner who they trusted, who offered an affordable solution and would get the job done efficiently while staying with the set schedule.

The Solution

Agency73’s history with Symbee played an important role in Service Cloud set-up. Since we helped them with their Sales Cloud implementation, Symbee had a great level of confidence in our consultants’ knowledge of their business processes. After additional detailed requirement gathering, we set-up Symbee’s Service Cloud with the following configuration:

  • Lead Management, and Web-to-Lead capability

  • Email to Case

  • Case ownership queues

  • Case Assignment Rules

  • Auto-response Rules, with custom Email Templates

  • Custom call resolution calculations

  • Executive reports and dashboards

  • KPI reports and dashboards to review call resolution metrics

AWS Integration

Symbee has an app, Symbee Connect, on AWS Marketplace that extends Amazon Connect. Symbee was looking for a custom solution to integrate Symbee Connect Cloud with their Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The Solution

In the absence of an out-of-the-box solution or 3rd party app to achieve the integration, Agency73 suggested using custom coding to build a solution. Our developers wrote a REST API call to enable and manage the integration.

When a client interacts with the SymbeeConnect app on AWS cloud, the API call uses logic to identify if the user is a new client or an existing client. If it’s a new client, new Account and Contact records are created in Salesforce. If it’s an existing client, then the existing Account and Contact records in Salesforce are updated, instead of creating new records. Then a custom object record is created to store the tenant details for the AWS account.