Healthcare, HIPAA, Security, Web Development

Western Healthcare Alliance

Western Healthcare Alliance (WHA) came to Agency73 in need of a complete redesign and redevelopment of a site for one of their constituent companies, Healthcare Management, LLC. needed to provide secure, HIPAA-compliant services and information to patients, secure login for existing clients, and B2B marketing for new and existing clients. WHA also needed a communications plan, Logo redesign, and ongoing support and maintenance.


The engagement began with a business requirements workshop. Agency73 worked closely with senior management, staff, and client and patient reps to identify business goals and objectives for their new website. We then moved to an analysis of systems and processes. Based on our findings, we collaboratively developed a business requirements document to guide the redesign and development of the site. That lead directly into viability assessment of the business requirements, business process mapping, system design, documentation and user manual development, and a thorough vendor analysis.

The Delivery

Due to the number of different ways that HCM Colorado would be interacting with users of its website, many different integrations were required on their new website. Agency73 needed to integrate Cyclonesoft to allow for HIPAA-compliant Payment Collection and Patient Information; Payment and Merchant account systems for receiving card payment and multiple types of ACH payments; Email collection and marketing through GravityForms; and Event management through Cvent.