Pardot for Growing Businesses: Realizing ROI and Increasing Sales in 3 Months

You’re a growing company with a lean (and mean) marketing team doing its best to crank out and track engaging content to fill the top of the lead funnel and drive sales conversions. You want to leverage Salesforce-integrated marketing automation like your competitors are doing, make it easy for the team to get your content seen, and see verifiable ROI of your marketing dollars spent as it relates to influenced revenue. You want a familiar tool that is easy to learn and use, packed with powerful workflows and flexible logic, and a focus on sales influencing insights out of the box. And you want to recoup your investment in a matter of months.

How does a business of your ambition and marketing vision justify the cost to purchase, implement and run such a solution?

This 30 minute video shows how easy it is to build, deploy and track your marketing content and channels using Pardot. Leverage ROI and Attribution reporting in Salesforce that is just sitting there waiting to be taking advantage of. And see how quickly you can recoup your Pardot investment in as little as 3 months. All with the awesome team you already have.