The Agency73 Story

The Agency73 Story

Agency73 is a Salesforce consulting partner that’s co-led by Scott Holmen and Stryder Thompkins. It began in 1997 and has transformed from a two-man show into a 25+ person powerhouse.

In the beginning

Scott and Stryder met through an introduction from a mutual friend. At the time, Scott was looking to build a mostly U.S.-based software development team. He saw an opportunity to help his customers get to the next level by reducing the time and language differences that typically come with offshore engagements.


Stryer had just wrapped up a long stint as an IT Director with an enterprise technology company. He wanted to get to a local startup company in a more customer-facing role. 


They connected, and Agency73 was born. The company, based in Leucadia, embraces the Southern California spirit: be your unique self, work hard, and overcome adversity like you would a gnarly wave.

Our Transformation

After a couple of years of offering “Customer Software Engineering”, Scott and Stryder decided to narrow their focus. Stryder was leading Salesforce projects already, so the decision to become a Salesforce Consulting Partner was easy – they both recognized the power of the Salesforce platform as a key tool for growing companies. Salesforce’s Customer 360 mentality aligned perfectly with Scott and Stryder’s values, making this strategic direction a natural fit. 

Agency73 Office Event
Where are we now?

Evolving in some ways, but we’re set and intentional in others. At this point, Agency73 has implemented  300+ Salesforce projects. We’re a Ridge Tier Salesforce partner. The team has evolved and grown with us as well. We now have several Salesforce consultants, architects, developers, specialists, and administrators leading our consulting practice. Scott likes to say that he hires smart people and then gets out of the way. The team really appreciates the autonomy and culture of Agency73 and loves the solutions we build for our awesome clients.


We’ve narrowed our focus even further within the Salesforce platform. When Agency73 decided to focus on Salesforce, we worked with a variety of clients across industries. Going forward, Agency73 is honing our focus on tech companies and on expanding our Revenue Cloud (CPQ, Billing, and Subscription Management) capabilities to complement our current strengths:  Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud/Pardot, and Experience Cloud.


Our leadership team is growing too:

What does the future hold for Agency73?

We want to become known for providing value to our employees, customers, and friends at Salesforce. We know that technology is a tool to make people’s work and lives easier, and we’re solidly people 1st, technology 2nd – not the other way around. At the same time, we’re nerds – and we know our stuff. As we continue to grow, we’re both deepening our technical expertise and nurturing our relationships.

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What makes us different?

Our differentiator: value-first mentality. And honestly, we just love making rad connections with people and making shit happen. Trust and integrity are at the center of what we do. We’re empathetic, we listen, and we hustle. At the same time, we’re enabling the next leaders within our company to keep scaling and delivering world-class solutions.  


Our vision, culture, and values really are more than just some catchy words on a website. We try to empower and embody them daily. 


Vision: Empowering Brilliant People to Deliver Transformative Value

Values:  Empathy, Trust, Wisdom, Fun, and Authenticity

Motto: Don’t be a dick.

Reputation Matters

Don’t take our word for it. One client described us as “communicative, experienced, and fun to work with” and we’re not living that down anytime soon. Here’s what others have to say:


As a small company, we needed a Salesforce partner that is flexible, knowledgeable, and responsive. Agency73 does all of this for us and more. Their team always helps us think through solutions and takes the time to understand not only the technical side of our business, but the functional side as well. I highly recommend Agency73 for anyone looking for a Salesforce partner.


The team at Agency73 guided us through a complex revamp of our processes and provided our teams with the ability to efficiently work from home during COVID. With the re-imagination of our Salesforce Org, we were able to increase confidence in the system, and lay the foundation for additional improvements in other areas of the business.


With Agency73’s assistance, we now have consistent customer facing processes, and centralized data to support internal improvements. Confidence in our Salesforce Org accelerated our growth and set a foundation for additional improvements this year.


Agency73 has delivered more in 90 days than we had expected. Listening to our specific business needs, learning our current tool sets, reviewing our plans for data gathering and internal reporting goals has helped expedite our customer lifecycle plans and sales strategy.


Our experience with Agency73 was outstanding. They were communicative, experienced and fun to work with. The solution was implemented to be scalable and I was trained enough to maintain it on my own after the install. I would recommend them to anyone.


It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Agency73 team through a handful of projects over the last 7 months. We had initially brought them on to help us get up to speed as we had migrated from HubSpot to Salesforce + Pardot. We loved working with them so much; we continued to bring them on for more complex projects.


Their team is very knowledgeable and their attention to providing timely service is great. When we purchased Pardot we needed to migrate from SharpSpring and integrate with Sales Cloud with our Lightning instance, but we needed a new Salesforce partner to do it. We also had to stand this up with an entirely new team in our organization which was challenging. A73 got our team going and the Pardot instance integrated, and I am very happy with the prospect of partnering with them as we scale the business.


Ashley Sodaro

Ashley is a Salesforce consultant who co-leads Agency73’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Practice and specializes in implementations, training, automation, and marketing reporting.

Contact Ashley to start having some fun with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), or check her out on LinkedIn.