Website Optimization

Have you ever been to a website that loads so slowly that you have time to think about how slowly it’s loading? We all have. Then you already intuitively grasp why having an optimized website is so important.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate measures the percentage of users who view only one page of your site. By building a fast website, visitors are much less likely to leave before looking around. If they can find the information they’re looking for quickly you’re more likely to keep their attention longer. The all-important Google Search Algorithm also seems to factor Bounce Rate into their search rankings meaning faster sites lead to higher search rankings. This virtuous circle (more people visiting and staying on your site, leads to higher search rankings, leads to more people visiting and staying on your site…) is an important factor to consider when building and optimizing your website.

User Experience

The other major reason that you want your site to load as quickly as possible is that this leads to a better user experience. In this digital age, attention spans are shrinking, and so the longer a visitor to your site has to wait for what they came looking for, the more likely they are to lose interest and move on. Agency73’s experts are available to talk through how to speed up and optimize your site or to help you build it quickly in the first place. You can take a free test to see how your site is doing here.